fascinating maine coon
He kept the natural caracter, free and direct, that is typical for all wild felines. His relationship with humans - we cannot talk about a "master" by a Maine Coon - permit give him the right to show himself very positive, independent, too proud to ask for hugs but very clever to arrange things so that we pay attention at him and that's the moment where we have the privilege to give a stroke ! He rarely sit down on our knees but he can to settle very close to in the most soft of a sofa or a pillow and, there, he can "knead and trample and purr" for long minutes, moments of pure ecstasy...

He can be talkative but never noisy, all the time with singing exercises or cooings but with a variation, of course, during the "heat" of all his queens ! It is a very player cat even adult but he will become more and more wise with the years, except for some moments of overexcitement, little brief extravagances as fast as he can just evacuate all his boundless energy and relax a moment.
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