kitten purchase
As we all know, and as we have all heard many many times, the purchase of a domestic animal for ourselves or for a friend, must be a well thought out decision and a long-term commitment. Everyone will say “yes of course it is”. And yet … every year animal protection societies are screaming their protest at the ever increasing number of abandoned pets.

Whose fault is it ? Certainly not that of the adorable kittens whose cute little faces would melt even the hardest heart. So, before entrusting our little treasures, it is our difficult duty as cat breeders to consider whether you will continue to uphold the spirit of the cattery and indeed respect your promise to be the kind and loving companion that kitty imperatively needs.

In this context, a gentle reminder of one of the provisions of the Rural Code. Each animal is a sensitive being and as such must be given into care by its owner under conditions compatible with the biological imperatives of its species.
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