fascinating maine coon
Living with a Main coon is a fascinating experience, rich of exchanges, apprenticeships with many moments of intense joy but also a little bit of bitterness in the face of his indifference, certainly feigned, but he opposes to us with an offhand way.

The Main coon had preserved all his caracteristics wich made him famous and gave him all his value in the 19's, that is to say a cat "excellent rat hunter" and above all, a cat endowed with a sturdy constitution, that's what permitted him to resist at the very freezing winter in Main, the country where he is originate.

Today he is representing one of the most beautiful pedigree cats. The colour "brown tabby", the little plume he has at the top of his ears and his very big tail give him the very singular wild feline look , but he is always attractive whatever his colour.
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